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Obstetrical Care:

A healthy delivery begins long before the labor pains start. Our team will care for you and your baby from prenatal through delivery and post-partum. We monitor your baby's health and growth, and work with you to develop a labor and delivery plan. When the time comes, one of our board-certified obstetricians will deliver your baby at Greenwich Hospital, which offers the finest in infant care, should your baby need specialized medical treatment. We also offer circumcision to those who wish to have their baby circumcised. classes. Our office offers all ACOG recommended testing and up-to-date screening for your baby and we provide  in office phelbotomy ( blood draws) and ultrasounds as our practice is AIUM certified.


Prenatal Visits:

During the first prenatal visit, you will have a completed physical exam, a Pap test, and an ultrasound to assess the health of your pregnancy. For an uncomplicated pregnancy your subsequent office visits will be every 4 weeks until 28 weeks gestation, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks gestation, and then weekly until delivery. At each visit your blood pressure, weight, and urine will be checked and we will listed to the fetal heartbeat. Paitents with high risk pregnancies may be seen more frequently. Ultrasound assesment of the pregnancy may be performed during prenatal visits when your doctor decides that it is necessary.


Below is a description of your prenatal visits and some of the many options that will be avialable to you


11-13 weeks gestation:

Nuchal Transluceny or"NT " screening will be offered. This test combines a targeted ultrasound of the pregnancy and a maternal blood test to identify pregnancies at increased risk for genetic disorders including Down Syndrome (Trisomy21), Trisomy 18, and Trisomy 13.

16-18 weeks gestation:

The Quad Screeen of "AFP" test will be offered. This is a maternal blood test that identifies pregnancies at increased risk for genetic disorders sucah as Down Syndrome, as well as open neural tube defects sucah as spina bifida.

16-18 weeks gestation:

Amniocentesis is an optional diagnostic procedure to detect chromosomal abnormalities.

18-20 weeks gestation:

An ultrasound for fetal anatomy and placenta location will be offered. High risk patients will have a level II ultrasound, performed at Greenwich Hospital by a perinatologist.

28 weeks gestation:

You will have your blood drawn for your third trimester screening, which includes the glucose tolerance test to screen for gestational diabetes, If your blood type is Rh negative, you will receive an injection of rhogam. You will pre-register at Greenwich Hospital for your delivery.

Childbirth Classes: At approximately 28 weeks or soon thereafter, you may sign up for childbirth education classes. You may also consider adding a Doula or labor support coach as part of your pregnancy support team. A doula provides one on one personalized support, education, coaching, and assistance during pregnancy.


Umbilical Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection:

It is suggested that you consider storing your child's umbilical cord blood .The stem cells found in cord blood have lifesaving potential for your child, yourself and your family in treating over 80 diseases. You now also have the option of preserving a piece of the cord tissue which contains a specialized stem cell known as a mesenchymal stem cell. This cell gives rise to structural cells such as bone, cartilage and heart. There are currently about 200 clinical trials being conducted using cord tissue stem cell for regenerative repair. A monthly on-site cord blood educational seminar is offered. Contact Marion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on the seminar and dates.

36 Weeks gestation:

A genital culture for Group B strep will be performed. This common bacteria, called GBS, occurs in 10-30% of women who usually have no symptoms. If th culture is positive, the doctors will prescrive antibiotics during labor.


You delivery will take place at Greenwich Hospital. Your doctors, as wll as nurses, lactation consultants, and staff at the hospital will support you through the delivery and post-partum course, to ensure a smooth transition as you prepare to bring your baby home.


We look forward to caring for you during the exciting upcoming months.


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